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Hello. I have been in the graphics industry for over 21 years.

My experience is in project management, 3d modeling, graphic design, art production. If you ask me about trade shows I have experience in almost every aspect of trade shows. From the pre-show, show, and post-show. I can not only design a display, but ship it all across this country and back again.

Currently I manage, design, and produce corporate lobby displays, tradeshow exhibits, and large format graphics. 

My journey in life started as a medical technician in the United States Air Force. Tip: Research what job you are selecting. Haha! I went on to graduate from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication Technology....a Visual or Gifted Generalist.

I have been a professional chainsaw sculptor for 17 years. What does that mean? I help pay the bills with sawdust down my shirt in 80 degree weather. Carving is not my hobby, but it's the skill that God gave me to earn a living. "Carve or starve" as they say. 

Please wander around my website. Explore my website, see my sculptures, or buy something from my store.

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