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Logger cutting wood with chainsaw

  What wood I carve?  

Fulfilling the American dream of a white picket fence and a chainsaw carving. Well at least the chainsaw part. When quality matters in fine wood carving then let me be you choice. 


Interested in getting some chainsaw carving done?



• Graphic Design

• Exhibit & Display Design

• Illustration

• Signage


• Interested?

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If you want more info contact me. Thanks.


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   Who am I?   

I am an artist, family man, outdoorsman.

Really I would rather be out fishing, but until then I make art and design.

My Stihl chainsaw eats sawdust, and I breath sawdust.

I create art and designs for your home and business. 

Photoshop is my brushes.

I sell+design+manage+produce art.

Have a nice day!

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